Sierra Valley Gardens - AMENITIES

As you enter this neighborhood in Cainta, what will open up to you is a sprawling entrance. Security and safety are of utmost concern so there are CCTVs in strategic spots and common areas. The main entrance lobby has a reception.

At the Ground Level – amenities are both for indoor and outdoor. Indoor amenities include: a balcony and view deck since the mountains of Rizal and the metro cityscape views will be breathtaking. This is important: a WIFI Lounge so you can sit, rest and browse all you want, especially the millennials. There is also a reception where visitors are are very much welcome. There’s also an Administration Room in case you have some matters to escalate, as well as a Function Room where you and your group can do your meetings or reunions privately.

At the other end at the Ground Level is Guest Parking that is a helpful spot for your visitors. There is a Clubhouse and outdoor amenities like a lap pool, a kiddie pool, a shower area, a pool deck and kids’ outdoor play area. The pools are definitely a come-on, especially for a tropical country such as ours. The whole family can bond and spend their weekends at the pool. Kids can swim to their hearts’ content. Parents can bask in the sun, sip their favorite coolers and read a book. Or just chill altogether and do nothing. After swimming, kids can play all they want in the outdoor playground area.

Sierra Valley Gardens is quite different from the rest as there are amenities as well at the 2nd Level and 3rd Level, aside from the Ground Level. For the 2nd level - indoor amenities include: a Function Room, a Balcony/View Deck, a Lounge, a Game Room and a Reading Nook. These amenities are all housed in a Clubhouse. You can count on these facilities for some form of relaxation and recharging. You can do it alone or with your families – what is important is that you take care of your well-being consistently and in the company of the ones who matter to you most.

The 3rd Level amenities include the following: a dance studio, a gym, a yoga studio and a lobby. This must be the ladies’ world. But the men are also welcome. So, ladies of the house – dance your worries away or flex and run, bend and stretch, get all those bodies moving as you use their high-tech fitness equipment. Or meditate and be in your own spaces as you meditate and practice your yoga. The most important thing is you are doing what you like and you are happy at the same time.

All in all, these amenities are meant to provide the residents and their love ones with the ‘means’ to have a balanced lifestyle. As they say, “work and no play makes one a dull boy.” As you do your usual daily grind, it is but appropriate to unwind and recharge afterwards. The amenities are so much helpful for you to be able to relax and have calmer minds. The bonus is the time you would be spending with dear ones.

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